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Flocabulary Videos for Hour of Code

Yes, my friends, it is Computer Science Education Week 2017.  Time to celebrate Hour of Code.  In honor of this year’s HOC, Flocabulary has chosen to offer some of its STEM videos for free.  The videos are appropriate for 3rd grade and up, and cover topics from “What is the Internet?” to “Coding: Conditionals.”  If you’ve never tried out Flocabulary, you are in for a treat.  With its catchy raps and fun graphics, Flocabulary can entertain and educate at the same time.  Be sure to take advantage of this great resource between now and December 10th when the videos will once again become subscription-only offerings.


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“Wordplay” by Flocabulary

image from: http://flocabulary.com/figurative-language/

Flocabulary is a site that bills itself as “Hip-Hop in the Classroom”.  I used to access it regularly for their wonderful “The Week in Rap”, which, basically, was a summary of the week’s current events with interesting visuals and a catchy rap to accompany it.  Unfortunately, this became part of Flocabulary’s subscription program, and I sadly had to discontinue my students’ weekly viewing (sometimes the only exposure that they had to what was in the news).  However, Flocabulary does offer some free videos, and I caught a new one this week about figurative language called, “Wordplay“.  It’s a fun video to show your students if you are in the midst of teaching them about personification, metaphors, similes, etc…