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BotLogic is a new web-based game that teaches programming to kids.  It reminds me a bit of the iPad apps , “Daisy the Dinosaur,” “Kodable,” and “Cargo-Bot.”   The main difference is, of course, that you can play BotLogic on any device with an internet browser, and are not restricted to a certain operating system.  What also makes it more available to students is that you do not have to register to play BotLogic, and you can skip to different levels of difficulty – so you do not always have to begin on the first level if you switch your playing device.

Programming for Kids is a trending topic in Education, and BotLogic is one of many resources for teaching this.  (You can view my Pinterest board to see even more.)  Some of the features that set BotLogic apart is that it actually shows the window of code as you create your line of icon instructions and it gives the extra challenge of trying to maintain “battery life” by using as short a set of instructions as possible.  You can compete with your friends to get the highest score, and you can share your scores on pretty much any social network.

BotLogic offers a short tutorial, and I think any child who can read could probably use the site independently.  It’s a good introduction to programming for any age level, as it slowly scaffolds from the very simple to the more complex.  This also allows for differentiation, as students can work at their own pace, and even skip levels.

Why should your child and/or students play BotLogic, or any other programming game?  Because it teaches logic, problem-solving, systems thinking, and, in some cases, collaboration.  Once a child learns the foundations of programming, the potential for creativity and design thinking becomes even greater.  Aren’t these skills we would like to develop in every child?

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