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Rock Launcher!

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Since every post this week has mentioned Augmented Reality (yes, even “Level Up” briefly touched on it), I thought it only fitting that my Phun Phriday Post (you guys never suggested a better name, so we’re stuck with that for now) would involve AR, too.

Rock Launcher is a free AR game that you can play if you download the “Rocks in My Socks” app from iTunes (sorry, Android folks – doesn’t look like there is a version for you, yet).  The app is actually meant to accompany the Rocks in My Socks book ($24.99 – also available on Amazon), but gives you this fun bonus that does not require the book in order to play.

Basically, download the app and print out the free grayscale PDF here.  (Here is the link to the color PDF, which is linked incorrectly on their main page, but I discovered by using my superior web detection skills.)  Open the app on your iDevice, and scan the printed picture.  Then, fire away!  Try to aim your animated rock dudes towards the sock openings.  Be sure you have your sound turned up, because those little guys make some fun noises as they get launched.

It does keep score, but I’m not certain what the criteria are for the points.   For some of them, I was certain I got the little guys right in, but didn’t see the scoreboard change.

There are other free printables on the page, but they will only work, apparently, in coordination with the book.

If you feel obligated to make this activity educational, I suppose you could integrate some math skills into the scoring.  Or, you could just let loose and play with reckless abandon for no other purpose except entertainment 🙂

Happy Phun Phriday!

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