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Chrome Cube Lab

Created with Type Cube in Chrome Cube Lab
Created with Type Cube in Chrome Cube Lab

Well, it’s Phun Phriday, and I am being completely selfless by sharing a site with you that I find more torturous than fun 😉 You see, I was never a huge fan of the Rubik’s Cube.  I have some sort of visual/spatial disorder that makes finding my car in parking lots and solving the Rubik’s Cube without removing all of the stickers impossibly frustrating for me. However, as many of you know, one of the Google Doodles this week was an interactive Rubik’s Cube. Fun – if you like that sort of thing…

But then I saw a link on Joe Hanson’s “It’s Okay to Be Smart” to Chrome Cube Lab. And, for some reason I followed the link.  And I found some amusing digital ways to utilize the Rubik’s Cube. I was able to use “Type Cube” to create the image above. Then I stupidly clicked “Done” and scrambled it. But then it miraculously unscrambled itself. To me that is the best kind of Rubik’s Cube!

Scrambled, then put back together
Scrambled, then put back together


The other tool I liked was the “Image Cube.”

Cool - I can add images from my blog!
Cool – I can add images from my blog!

Then I thought it would be cool to offer one of those blog contests; you know, I could scramble the images and give a prize to the first person to identify all of the posts they came from.

Scrambled Image Cube

Then I realized that I have no prizes to give out.  Then I got distracted by adding different backgrounds.

Image Cube with Background

Then I realized I had wasted about as much time as I usually spend trying to find my car in the mall parking lot…

3 thoughts on “Chrome Cube Lab”

  1. Terri,

    Very addictive site!! I’m thinking of using the image cube somehow for my professional development classes.

  2. Wow – your brain works like mine – love that you allowed us to follow all of your “links” and journey along! Truly love all of these great ideas, Terri!

    (My own journey today started with Richard Byrne’s blog looking for a link to share for teachers delving into Canva, then brought me to your blog – oh, bestill my heart: Aurasma and Tellegami and a scavenger hunt all rolled into one!? AND doing PD w/out being up in front of a crowd – total heart palpitations! – and that led me to this newer post….and who knows where I shall go from here?!!)

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