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The 3 Questions That Could Define Your Genius Hour

I had just finished writing a rough draft of this post when I got the latest update from one of my favorite bloggers, Sonya Terborg.  She said everything so much more eloquently in her post than I did.  So, basically my post is like an appetizer and hers is definitely the entree.  If you like my bite-size summary, head on over to her blog to read more about what this new Kid President video could mean for your classroom – along with excellent examples.

3 Questions that Could Change the World from Kid President
3 Questions that Could Change the World from Kid President

The most recent video from Kid President would be a PERFECT lead in to Genius Hour in your classroom.  If, like me,  you are planning for your students to look for their “heartbreaks” to find meaningful topics, then you might want to do a heartbreak map as I mentioned in a previous post.  And then show your students this Kid President video, Three Questions that Could Change the World.  Answering those questions thoroughly could be the foundation of any Genius Hour project.  Kid President is a great role model for following your passion and taking responsibility to make the world a better place, particularly with the Socktober campaign he sponsors every year.

Want more inspirational videos?  Check out my Pinterest Board. Interested in Genius Hour?  Here is my page of resources.

2 thoughts on “The 3 Questions That Could Define Your Genius Hour”

  1. It was all Kid President’s doing! I love how something I have been grappling with (articulating purpose) will suddenly drop into my lap (as with this video). So lucky to be living in a time when ideas are so easily connected and shared.

    1. That is so true! And I love that people are willing to share! I remember a time when I started teaching when people were very territorial and secretive about their ideas. Thank goodness that has changed!

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