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Holiday QR Codes

Last year, I posted a few sets of QR codes for the holidays, and I would like to offer them to you again.  For each of these, the user will need to have a device with a QR code reader app.  There are plenty out there that are offered for free.  For the purposes of testing these QR codes this year, I used the “Scan” app on my iPad.  If you are interested in making your own QR sets, Kaywa is one of the free sites I like to use.  QR Hacker allows you to “dress up” (though they use a different term!) your QR codes with colors and background images.

Here are some QR codes that you can use as a countdown calendar for Random Acts of Kindness.  These can be used any time of year, but might be nice around the holidays:

QR Codes Kindness Countdown

QR Codes Kindness Countdown Answers

Here are 6 QR codes that are good classroom coupons.  The first one is just black and white, and could be used any time of the year.  The holiday option is in color (red and green), and has Christmas icons.  These are fun to put in a class treasure box, or to give out to the kids in holiday cards:

QR Codes Classroom Coupons

QR Codes Classroom Coupons Answers

QR Codes Holiday Classroom Coupons (same answers as above)

If you are a parent, you might be interested in these QR codes for home:

QR Codes Home Coupons

QR Codes Home Coupons Answers

This is not holiday related, but you can also download this QR code tic-tac-toe reflection for the end of the year or unit here.  And, if you are really interested in QR codes, you might want to take a look at my post on an interactive bulletin board that I did last year.

Next week, I will be kicking it up a notch with some Aurasma holiday activities!

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Countdown Calendars Continued

The past few days have included posts of various different QR Countdowns that I’ve created.  One of my favorite bloggers has collected probably the largest amount of technology-related Advent links that I have ever seen at iLearnTechnology.  They include his own Web 2.0 calendar as well as an Appvent Calendar.  The one linked to the image above will take you to the National Museum of Liverpool calendar, which will reveal a piece of art from the museum each day.  I recommend that you check out his links if you plan to do any kind of counting down in December!  I will be eager to see what his Web 2.0 calendar reveals…

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QR Code Countdown

I thought that I would experiment by creating my own countdown calendar for my daughter this year using QR codes.  It seems to me, during this busy time of the year, that it might help to remember the power of being kind.  So, I have created a countdown calendar of Random Acts of Kindness, using ideas from the website of, a free Weebly website, and a QR code generating site.  I anticipated I would be sharing this, so I deliberately made the sites generic.  This will allow you to use these codes to count down to any event – the beginning of the holidays, a class celebration, etc… – within 24 days.  Since I haven’t used this yet, there may be some mistakes, so please let me know if you find any!

Tomorrow, I will share with you a similar QR code document.  Instead of Random Acts of Kindness, however, it will lead the user to different Classroom Reward Coupons.