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Free Thinking Hats Posters

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A couple of weeks ago, I offered you a link to a download of a chart describing Edward de Bono’s Thinking Hats.  A few days ago, I found this post on Edgalaxy that offers a free download of seven Thinking Hats posters.  I like the color that pops on each of them, as well as the concise description of each Thinking Hat.  Here is a link to Edward de Bono’s book if you would like more information on the Six Thinking Hats.

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50 Riddles to Challenge Your Students

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What goes around the world and stays in a corner?

For my Fun Friday Post this week, I direct you to this page on Edgalaxy.  50 Riddles to Challenge Your Students is a fun collection of short brain teasers that are sure to delight your students.  They are good for using during those “rare” periods during the day when you are in transition: lined up outside the bathroom or water fountain, waiting for class pictures, packing up for dismissal, etc…  Most of these are popular riddles that we have all probably heard, but it’s handy to have a list of them for reference.

Answer:  A stamp