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Next Year is Here

My goals are not nearly as lofty!  from:
My goals are not nearly as lofty – although, I’ve been practicing for the professional soccer one in my spare time.
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Near the beginning of the summer, I posted a series reflecting on some of the changes I want to make for this upcoming school year.  It is our staff development week here in San Antonio, and I have been looking back at my resolutions as I begin to plan for the return of the students next week.  I’m glad I wrote these back in June – because many of the specifics of these declarations left my brain about a week after I recorded them.  In case you are interested, and missed the posts the first time around, here are some of my goals for this school year:

Next Year Will Be Even Better – Genius Hour Ideas

Next Year Will Be Even Better – Online Learning

Next Year Will Be Even Better – Programming for Kids

Next Year Will Be Even Better – Skype in the Classroom

Next Year Will Be Even Better – Doodling

I’m a bit concerned about my Doodling goal.  I think I can do the encouragement part – but maybe not so much the modeling!

Now, if I’m really good at this whole self-reflection business, I will come back to this list next June to evaluate how I fared.  Maybe I should ask my students to track these; they have much better memories!

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S.C.O.R.E. Cyberguides

S.C.O.R.E. Cyberguides is a site that was produced by Schools of California Online Resources for Education.  It is based on California’s Language Arts curriculum, and offers a multitude of  literature units at levels from K-12.  The units include teacher and student resources.  They could be used as supplemental materials, or as jumping off points for Literature Circles or independent study assignments.  There is a disclaimer on the site that lack of funding has resulted in some of the units being out of date (broken links, etc…).  However, it appears that even those units are still available on the site under “Retired” sections.  This is helpful as a teacher could scavenge them for curriculum ideas or website suggestions.

UPDATE 7/6/14:  It looks like this link no longer works.  If any of you find a link to these guides that does work, please let me know, as they are a valuable resource!

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This is an invaluable tool for teachers to help with differentiation for all levels.  If you click on the “Demo” at the top, you can create your own menu using “The Differentiator”.  You do not need to pay to use the demo, but there is a $20 subscription service that allows you to save your menus online.  These are brought to you by