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Next Year Will Be Even Better – Doodling

For many of us, at least in the United States, another school year is over.  Even as we eagerly embark on our rejuvenation journeys for the summer, you might be thinking, as I am, of new ideas for the next school year.  This week, I would like to share some of the improvements I hope to make in my classroom for the 2013-2014 school year.  Since today is “Fun Friday”, here is an element of fun I want to emphasize more next year – doodling!

I need to encourage more doodling in my class – maybe even model it more for my students.  I’m not talking about the distracted kind of eyes-staring-out-the-window-while-you-scribble type of doodling.  I’m talking about doodling with purpose and panache.  The Vi Hart kind of doodling:

Sunni Brown can give tell you all of the myths about doodling in a fun, doodly way:

For more examples of doodling, you can see “10 Brilliant Examples of Sketch Notes: Notetaking for the 21st Century.”

Below, you can see one of the 10 pieces, based on Seth Grodin’s talk, “Stop Stealing Dreams.” (I had to look up “one-buttock playing”, which I assure you is completely appropriate in context!)