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Wonder League Robotics Competition

If you have the Dash and Dot robots, you have probably received a few e-mails from Wonder Workshop describing the upcoming Robotics Competition.  I highly recommend that you consider entering a team (deadline for signing up is 11/1/15)!   This set of 7 missions looks like fun and a great opportunity for collaboration and problem solving.

All of the missions must be recorded and submitted together by 12/1/15.  The winning team (which can be 1-6 people, ages 6-11, supervised by an adult) will win an all-expenses-paid “STEM Field Trip” to California!  The top 4 teams will receive a Dash robot for every member of their team!

You need at least one Dash and one Dot robot to participate.  If you don’t have these fabulous robots, the competition page gives you a coupon code for $20 off an order of the pair.

My students love these robots, and there are even more apps to use with them now than when they first debuted.  This summer saw the release of the “Wonder” app, and last year “Tickle” app integrated Dash and Dot into the hardware that you can control with a mobile device and block programming.

For more information and the first 6 missions, which you can start now, visit the website now.  Remember, you must sign your team(s) up by 11/1/15!

My students trying to program Dash.  For more information, click here.
My students trying to program Dash. For more information, click here. For a fun geography lesson with your Dash and Dot robots, take a look at this post. And, to read about our Maker Club Robot Olympics last year, check this out.


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Meet Dash and Dot – Again

Over a year ago I posted about a couple of cool new toys that were being crowdfunded by a company called, “Play-i.”  They were adorable robots that could be controlled with bluetooth devices and even programmed using block programming.

A lot has happened in a year.  The company is now called Wonder Workshop.  The robots are now called Dash and Dot.  But the appearance and functionality are the same.

And they are finally available.

image from
image from

I haven’t had a chance to review the pair yet, but they are already getting quite a bit of press around the web.  I decided to post about them today because, if you are interested in purchasing from Wonder Workshop, December 16th is the deadline for receiving your product by Christmas.

What I see looks very promising – a chance for children to code, problem solve, and create with cute robotic pals.  These aren’t Lego robots (but you can purchase brick connectors to make them adaptable to Lego bricks and Minstorms).  They are playful and full of personality, and will have great appeal to the younger set.

See what you think!