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Global Cardboard Challenge

Yesterday I mentioned that I am working on repurposing a bookshelf to create a “Genius Bar” for my classroom.  Another project I am planning is to transform the old, gigantic, executive type desk that I inherited into a mini Maker Studio.  My vision is to put all kinds of materials in its nooks and crannies that students can use to create whatever they imagine.  I usually collect old boxes and various other containers for some of the projects my students do throughout the year, so this will be a place to store them have them readily available.  Access to the “Maker Studio” is going to be something the students will earn when they reach a certain level in my classroom. (The levels are based on the idea of gamification.  I’ll explain this more in a later post – not because I’m holding back on you,  but because I haven’t actually thought the whole process through yet!)

To kick off the whole Maker Studio idea, I am hoping to participate in “The Global Cardboard Challenge.”  This is a project that began last year, inspired by Caine’s Arcade.  The idea is to encourage kids to create cardboard creations throughout the month of September, and then to come together to celebrate and play with them on October 5th.  I completely missed the boat last year – but this year I am ready.  Well, I’m kind of ready.  I need to start collecting cardboard.  That part is kind of important, I suppose!  We may not be “official hosts” this year, but we are definitely going to get involved, and I hope you will, too!

photo from Global Cardboard Challenge 2012
photo from Global Cardboard Challenge 2012

9 thoughts on “Global Cardboard Challenge”

  1. I love your style — I’m not a teacher, but I wish my children had had teachers with your creativity!

    Where are you located? I have some unusually strong cardboard put away for “someday.”

    June Lapidow Lawrenceville, NJ

    1. Thank you! I have a 10 year old daughter, so she inspires me to teach the way I would like her taught! I am, actually, from NJ! Unfortunately, I now live in TX! (That sounds wrong. I am glad to live in TX, just sad that it is so far away from you!) Maybe you could get a group together where you live to participate in the challenge!

  2. I’m completely working my classroom with maker space built in as well. I’m in a STEM magnet school (fifth grade) and I’m so thankful that my principal and lead teacher are on board with my maker attitude. I just found a wall grid I’m going to buy at some point and have attached to my wall, since I can’t have a large room. I’m beginning to add to my list of materials soon, but would love to know what you are adding in.

    1. I just visited your blog, and it is super! I love all of the pictures, and I think you are going to be a great inspiration to me!

      I have no idea what I am adding in, yet! I am going to ask the kids to brainstorm some things. I am getting a 3Doodler in December, so I know that will be a popular station, and I am hoping to ask for either some LittleBits or Hummingbird Kits from PTA. Right now, the room is full of cardboard boxes for the Global Cardboard Challenge!

  3. Thanks, I’m always looking for others blogging about their STEM/maker classroom, but haven’t found many. I thought about the little bits, but have since been given the Snap Circuits (300 projects) from our PTO and my students adore it. My students are so hooked that I was pricing certain batteries, cell phone vibrating motors, and other more realistic things for them to play around with. My goal this year is to continue with the pallet building, and actually do something with it, and I’m debating a grant for a shed and tools for the kids to use with supervision – apparently that will involve the kids in petitioning the school board/district for permission to build which would be a great lesson in itself. You keep inspiring me, and we’ll see how this year goes!

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog post. Super cool to read about all of the things you are planning in your class to foster creativity. If you are in need of cardboard for your cardboard challenge, Mattress Firm can help – they are delivering free cardboard and supplies to schools taking part. They have a lot of stores in TX too. More info: and – Good luck with your event and maker class room – and high five to all your kids!

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