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Questimate is a free mathematics app available for the iPad on iTunes.  The free version only allows you to reach a certain point, offering in-app purchases that allow you to purchase more “quests.”  There is also a Pro version that is $7.99 on the app store, but $3.99 for educators.  If you visit this page, you can get information for requesting a sample of the Pro version.

I first saw Questimate on the Technology Tidbits blog, and downloaded it immediately so I could try it later.  I do this a lot – and then I forget that I downloaded the app.  Then my daughter, who gets all of the apps I download on my personal device on her device as well, will say, “Hey, mom, what’s this app for?”  And then I (instead of admitting I have no idea) use my best teacher voice to say, “Well, why don’t you try it to see what happens?”  It doesn’t take very long for her to tell me if the app is a waste of time.

That didn’t happen with Questimate.  I started playing it by myself, and after I cheered a couple of times when I got something right, my husband drifted over to see what was going on.  Then my daughter entered the room, and pretty soon we were all giving input.  That’s when I decided that I definitely needed to feature Questimate for Fun Friday this week!

Questimate allows you to design your own estimation questions using their supplied options.  I’ve loaded a sequence of pictures below in a slideshow to show you the process for one question.  Once you create a question, you are given a screen for making your guess.  In this example, you use the number-line to choose.  Some of the other questions have you type in a number or actually resize pictures to show the general comparison between two objects.

You have 3 lives in a quest, and your estimate has to be within a certain target range of the correct answer in order to not “lose a life.”  You can earn points that can be used for various helpful hints during the game.

Questimate is fun, offers choice, and is educational.  It can be played in “Solo”, “Pass & Play”, and “Game Center”  versions.  Variations to choose from, even the Free version of the game should keep you engaged for quite a long time.

Questimate would be great as a center activity or as a fun game to project for the whole class.  It’s pretty good for family entertainment, too!

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