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Scrabble Flash

Scrabble Flash

I am continuing my series of “Gifts for the Gifted” posts today by recommending a game that occupied my daughter for many days after receiving it for Christmas a couple of years ago when she was 8.  And, I must admit, I played it a lot, too!

My daughter and I both love word games and puzzles.  Unfortunately, she has witnessed the somewhat cut-throat Scrabble tournaments I’ve played with a few of my friends, and has no interest in challenging me in that particular board game.

Scrabble Flash, though, allows for all different levels of play.  And, as the name suggests, it does not take hours to play.

The game consists of 5 electronic cubes that interact with each other.  There are 3 game possibilities, and they can each be played individually or by a group.  For all of the games, each cube shows a letter, and the goal is to put the cubes together to form words.  It’s fun to shuffle the cubes around, and seems almost magical when they communicate with each other.

Not only is Scrabble Flash a great game to have it home, it also works well in a classroom as a center or a rainy day recess game.  And, it is relatively inexpensive.

Scrabble Flash is currently on sale at ToysRUs for $9.99.  Check here to see if it’s available near you!

For more ideas on “Gifts for the Gifted” you can check out this post, or my Pinterest Board.  Come back every Friday through December 20th for more engaging and educational gift ideas for the kids in your life!

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