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Pi Day

UPDATE 2/23/2021 – Here is a Wakelet where I collect all of my Pi Day Resources!

Pi Day sneaks up on me every year.  But not this time.  Even though the official date (3/14/15) this year lands on a Saturday during our Spring Break, I am prepared.  My 4th graders are studying “mathematical masterpieces” and Pi Day fits right into that topic. Plus, this is a super special year because the first 5 digits of Pi are 3.1415.  Look familiar?

Looking for ways to celebrate Pi Day?  There’s a website for that, of course – actually a few. has got you covered.  So does the Exploratorium. And there is also MathMovesU.

Personally, I plan to show my students this Mile of Pi video on TEDEd.  They are also going to learn about Pilish and write some Pilish poetry after reading this awesome Pilish translation of The Raven (H/T to Martha at A Way with Words for that idea!). If there is time, they are going to look for their birthdays and phone numbers in Pi using this website.  Knowing my 4th graders, they will probably also get a kick out of these Pi Day e-cards.

Will pie be served?  Maybe if they can solve this Pi Day Sudoku Puzzle

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3 thoughts on “Pi Day”

  1. Wow, thanks for all of these extra fun places and activities! This is special for the math geeks this year because it’s a once-in-a-century Pi Day.
    If you are especially geeky, I made a countdown timer to the particular time on Pi Day when we will match it to 10 significant digits. 🙂 I also added a comment to bring people to your post here with the great links.
    And if you want Pi to a few hundred digits, you can also get that on my post here:

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