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The Fido Puzzle (And an Explanation)

I was reviewing old blog posts and came across one about the Fido Puzzle.  For their “sharing time” my 5th graders have recently been trying to stump each other with riddles, and I think this might be a good one to add to the mix.  (If you are a parent of one of my 5th graders, don’t show them the answer!)


My original post did not include an explanation, but I’m getting kinder in my old age;)

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Fido Puzzle


Well, it’s Friday.  Time for our fun post of the week!  Today, I confound you with the Fido Puzzle.  It’s a cute interactive site which is seemingly able to read your mind.  Follow the directions carefully, and Fido’s clairvoyant owner will be able to guess your mystery number.  It’s fun to play, and you can challenge your class to figure out the secret behind the mathematical magic!