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iPad Mini Brick Case from Smallworks
iPad Mini Brick Case from Smallworks (Lego pieces not included)

Somehow I missed meeting Hunter Thompson at SXSWedu this week.  Fortunately, I happened to pick up on a tweet that led to this article about the young man, who is the very smart 16-year-old behind Smallworks, a company that makes Lego brick cases for iPods, iPhones, and iPad minis.

If 16 sounds too young to be running a company, then you’re probably going to be even more surprised when I tell you that Hunter came up with the ingenious idea for these cases when he was 12.  You can read more about Hunter, and see a video of an interview with him in this article.  To purchase a Brick Case, you can go to Amazon or Thompson’s Smallworks website.

(Yes, I know I posted about Legos last Friday.  And no, I actually am not a Lego fanatic.  But this looks fun.  And it is Phun Phriday.  For some of the interesting creations people have made using these Brick Cases, check out their Flickr page, and be inspired!)

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2013 Guinness Book of World Records

Since gift-giving season is right around the corner, I thought I would use my Fun Friday posts to share some excellent gift ideas for engaging your kids.  The newest edition of the Guinness Book of World Records (currently $19.11 on has been released, and it has a special feature that families with iDevices might appreciate.  By pairing a free augmented reality app from Guinness with the book, readers can experience portions of the book in 3D.  There is also a free bonus e-book app to go along with the printed version.  Below is a video showing some highlights, or you can go to the following link:

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Move the Box

As promised last week, my Friday posts are all about “fun”.  Although, I am not sure how “fun” this particular game will be for people like me – who are spatially challenged.  Move the Box is a free iPhone app that requires logic and visual reasoning skills.  I have been trying to work on the latter, but seem to be particularly weak in that area.  In Move the Box, you are limited to a number of moves in which to pull boxes out of a pile, resulting in like boxes landing in vertical or horizontal rows and disappearing.  Your goal is to get all of the boxes to disappear.  You begin with a limit of 1 move, which might seem daunting, but it is easier to use process of elimination than when you get to the level that allows you two moves.  That is when it gets really challenging.  Good luck, and try not to get frustrated!

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The amazing Hostess with the Mostest, Lisa Johnson, at, has just released a free iPhone app – also called TechChef4U.  It is an app to find apps – specifically EDUCATIONAL apps that are FREE.  When I downloaded the app today, there were already over 500 apps listed.  Featured apps will also include examples for classroom integration, and you can search for the apps by Platform, Grade Level, and Category.  This is a great, and much needed, resource for teachers.  Download your TechChef4U app today!