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My List of Lists That Can’t Be Missed

Shockingly, I’m not the only person with the idea of making gift recommendations during this time of year.  I’ve run across a few other great lists in the past few weeks that have helped me to add to my own growing wish list.  Just in case you don’t spend as much time combing the internet for more lists, here are some you should definitely check out:

I can't believe I haven't added this littleBits kit to our classroom inventory yet.
I can’t believe I haven’t added this littleBits kit to our classroom inventory yet.  Check out TKSST Guide for more great suggestions.  
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littleBits Educator Resources

I have mentioned before that, if you are going to spend money on a Makerspace, littleBits are a worthwhile investment.  The company has added to their Educator Resources since my last post, and I want to point out a few links that you may find useful, especially if you are new to using this product.

image from Flickr user Lisa George pour Ultra-lab
image from Flickr user Lisa George pour Ultra-lab


littleBits now offers an Educator’s Guide.  It includes some of its older resources, but nicely bundles them into one document.  In addition to the Challenge Cards that I’ve posted about before, the Guide also includes specific curriculum references and justifies their use in the classroom.  This could be very helpful to those of you applying for grants.  I also like the “Reverse Engineering” suggestions on page 21, the “Example Lessons” on page 23, and the “Troubleshooting Tips” on page 25.

Another item that I noticed on the littleBits Educator Resources page is the “Project Booklets.” This PDF gives project suggestions based on the type of littleBits kits you have.  This way you will not challenge your students to a project that includes pieces you may not have.

Don’t forget that littleBits offers Educator Discounts, and that some of the kits can also be purchased from other vendors, such as

For more information on littleBits, check out my previous post.  And, for more Makerspace resources in general, I have a “Make” Pinterest Board that might interest you.