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Mensa for Kids Pinterest Boards

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I have previously posted about Mensa for Kids’ game site and lesson plans resources. Recently, I discovered their Pinterest Boards, which offer a ton of resources for teachers, parents, and students that range from apps to ideas for teaching technology.  There are book recommendations from kids, inspirational videos, and even classroom design ideas.  Here is a link to a fun “Brain Breaks” idea from Liz at “The Happy Teacher”, which I found on Mensa’s Teaching Resources board.  Or, if you are a parent, you might want to check out these Rainbow Sock Bubble Snakes from Tammy at “Housing the Forest” that was pinned to the Kids and Activities board.  Whether you are looking for teaching or parenting inspiration, the Mensa Education and Research Foundation has a great Pinterest selection for you!


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Secret Mission

Kelly Tenkely from iLearn Technology just posted a link to her Pinterest board of classroom inspirations, and I think I just found my entire curriculum for next year on it!
One of the ideas on her board was this great end-of-the-year activity that was pinned from
This is a fabulous way to encourage students to perform some random acts of kindness over the summer.  Or, you could use the idea of a “mission” for other achievements you would like them to work towards:  reading certain books, solving “mysteries”, doing something active, etc…
You have got to head over to Kelly’s board to see the rest of her “inspirations”!  It’s very motivating.
On a side note, we were talking with our principal about using one of our Staff Development days to do a “Pinterest Make and Take”.  Time would be set aside for everyone to make things for their classroom based on Pinterest inspirations.  There could even be groups who might meet to make their products together.  At the end would be a share time.  Doesn’t that sound like a productive (and fun) way to spend a Staff Development day?
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Pinterest in the Classroom

In case you don’t know what Pinterest is, it is best described as a virtual bulletin board on which you can collect your favorite ideas in the form of images.  The surging tide of Pinterest users in the last year has caused much speculation on blogs and news channels about what will happen next with this site.  Lately, I have been seeing sprinklings of suggestions for ways Pinterest can be used to benefit students in the classroom.  You can see a good infographic on this at EdTech Digest: 16 Ways Educators Use Pinterest.

When I first started using Pinterest, I obsessively pinned items in my account, destined to become a virtual hoarder.  I finally realized I wanted to create boards in a less haphazard fashion, and started a new account.  It is definitely a work in progress, but you are welcome to take a peek at my “pins” at

I showed my fifth graders my “Favorite Quotations” board a couple of weeks ago, and had a difficult time transitioning them to a new subject after that!  They wanted to read and discuss every quotation, copy some of them into their notebooks, and write the URL of my board down so they could look at it from home.

Due to filtering issues, it can be difficult to use the actual Pinterest site in many districts.  Here is a page that gives some suggestions for working around that.  Also, be warned that there is a copyright controversy brewing over the site.  Despite the possible pitfalls, at the very least, Pinterest can be used to help teachers to share ideas.  But, I would also like my students to be able to access my own board to inspire their learning.  Having a classroom account would be even better for collaboration and research.

I would love to hear your ideas on the use of Pinterest in the classroom!

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Web 2.0 Pins

I found the link for this collection of Web 2.0 pins for educators on Teach-Lou-Ology.  I think that there are several of these floating around on Pinterest, but this one caught my eye with the particular sites that are included.  Some of them have been reviewed on this blog, such as Triptico and Storybird.  Others are ones that I use regularly (Wordle, Google Docs), but I have not included on this site.  And then, there are others I would like to investigate further – such as Animaps.  The summaries of each site pinned make this page very helpful.