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Secret Mission

Kelly Tenkely from iLearn Technology just posted a link to her Pinterest board of classroom inspirations, and I think I just found my entire curriculum for next year on it!
One of the ideas on her board was this great end-of-the-year activity that was pinned from
This is a fabulous way to encourage students to perform some random acts of kindness over the summer.  Or, you could use the idea of a “mission” for other achievements you would like them to work towards:  reading certain books, solving “mysteries”, doing something active, etc…
You have got to head over to Kelly’s board to see the rest of her “inspirations”!  It’s very motivating.
On a side note, we were talking with our principal about using one of our Staff Development days to do a “Pinterest Make and Take”.  Time would be set aside for everyone to make things for their classroom based on Pinterest inspirations.  There could even be groups who might meet to make their products together.  At the end would be a share time.  Doesn’t that sound like a productive (and fun) way to spend a Staff Development day?
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Draw a Stickman, Episode 2

Draw a Stickman” has been one of the most popular posts on this blog.  Now, there is an Episode 2!  You can play it on the web, or you can play it on an iDevice (and get an alternative ending) for free.  Although I found out about the new episode through e-mail, I thought that  Kelly Tenkely’s summary of both of the Stickman episodes and the ways you can integrate them in your classroom was an excellent post.  So, I will direct you to her for a wealth of ideas!