Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Here are some Augmented Reality Resources for Education. Please contact me at if you have a suggestion for a new link.
Click here for a Flipboard Magazine of current articles on Augmented Reality in Education.
I have just published a packet on Teachers Pay Teachers of Lessons and Activities for using Augmented Reality in Education. It is $5. All of the lessons are ones that I have previously blogged about, but the packet collects these resources into one booklet.
(A=App Store, G=Google Play)

AR Basketball Math Fun

Aurasma (A & G) Drew Minock – How to Make an Aurasma Studio Account Misunderstood Monsters Augmented Calendars
Quiver 3D Coloring App (A & G) Free Aurasma How-To Book Meaningful Integration colAR app Pumpkins
Layar (A & G) Aurasma How-To Classroom Examples Program a Robot
ZooAR (A&G) Aurasma Studio Video You Matter Videos AR Basketball
Imagnotron (A&G) Make a Trigger in Layar Your Smarticles Staff Development
TracLabs Atlas (A & G) Intro. to Augmented Reality Secondary Triggers Fantastic Flying Books…
AR Flashcards (A & G) Augmented Reality Cheat Sheets Aurasma in Music AR Rock Launcher
Fetch! Lunch Rush! (A) Aurasma + Sphere Creative Writing Genius Hour Flyer
Spacecraft 3-D (A & G) Creating an Aura in Aurasma Studio Step-By-Step Guess the Artist Staff Development
AR Flashcards Space (A & G) Import a YouTube Video into Aurasma 3 States of Matter Holiday Cards
Interactive World Map (A & G) YouTube Tutorial Videos from Aurasma Geometry and Problem Solving 3D Yearbook
Tour of the Nile (A) Drew Minock – How to Create an Aurasma Sequence Aura Choose-Your-Own Adventure Reward Coupons
Zookazam (A&G) Daqri 4D Studio Tutorials 4th Grade Wax Museum Geometry and Problem Solving
PBS Cyberchase Shapequest (A&G) A New Dimension to Learning iBook from Drew Minock Character Strength Floor Plans Recommended activities for AR from Brad Gustafson
Enchantium (A&G) Photo Mapo + Tellagami + Aurasma AR Activities from Paul Hamilton
Chromville (A&G) Daqri Elements 4D Lesson Plans Teaching with Aurasma via @Thrasymachus
Tamar Estuary (A) One Word Resolutions w/Green Screen Using AR in Elementary School
Daqri Elements 4D (A&G) Outside my Snow Globe
Cooking up Augmented Storytelling
AR Basketball Math Fun
Quiver Education – Planet Earth

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