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Spectacular Sculptures

One app that I use for digital curation is Flipboard.  This app allows me to create my own digital magazines where I can collect links on various themes.  My “Fun Friday” magazine, for example, is where I add anything that looks cool, but isn’t especially educational.  As I was going through “Fun Friday” this week, I noticed that several articles were about unusual types of sculptures, so I decided to do a themed Phun Phriday post today:

Hollow: What Rushes Through Every Mind, image from the Mori Art Museum on Flickr.  Creative Commons License
Hollow: What Rushes Through Every Mind, image from the Mori Art Museum on Flickr. Creative Commons License
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So You Thought You Knew How to Make a Paper Airplane

Now this is a good way to spend your time with Legos! Happy Phun Phriday!

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Air Conditioner Differentiation

I want to thank my good friend and colleague, Angela, for letting me know about the existence of the Gerry Brooks videos.  For your Phun Phriday, take a look at Gerry’s recent advice to presidential candidates on how the government can save money.  Teachers will certainly appreciate this video!

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Jack Hanna Can Now Retire

My family and I have gotten a kick out of watching Will Ferrell’s debut as Stephen Colbert’s new animal expert on the Late Show. I’ve watched it four times now, and still can’t stop laughing.  There are some very rare, fierce animals out there that are deceptively cute!  If you need to smile this Phun Phriday, check out the video clip below.

Mongolian Bush Tiger
Will Ferrell teaches Stephen Colbert and the audience about the “Mongolian Bush Tiger.”
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OK. Seriously. How DO You Get to Sesame Street?

Today’s Phun Phriday post is a series of adorable videos in which Jimmy Fallon collaborated with the Sesame Street characters.  In this one, Jimmy and the Roots get together with the gang to sing the theme song for the show.  There’s a cool rap added in the middle to make it a bit more 21st century 🙂

screen shot from Sesame Street Hashtags
screen shot from Sesame Street Hashtags

Maybe, when you were a kid, you got very frustrated by that unanswered question, “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?”  If so, you’re apparently in good company.  You can see the Sesame Street characters read a tweet about this and some other #WhenIwasaKid tweets on this next video. (By the way, #WhenIwasaKid, I totally believed that people lived inside my television set just so they could perform for me. I couldn’t understand how they all fit.)

Tonight Show Celebrity Photobomb with Sesame Street Characters is my favorite video of the 3.  Jimmy and several other puppets deliberately photobomb some photos of extremely cute youngsters. The photobombs are hilarious, but the reactions of the kids once they find out are particularly priceless.

Have a great Friday!

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Well, it’s Phun Phriday again.  Once a week I post something that has pretty much no educational value, but somehow struck me as interesting during the week.  This week’s post is about an app called, “Stop.”

My daughter likes to turn me on to apps that are trending with her and her friends.  “You probably haven’t heard of it yet, but you’re going to hear about it soon,” is the way she usually prefaces these announcements.

Stop is a free trivia app available on iOS and Android.  The game is rated for 12+.  When you play, you can choose to play someone you know or a random opponent in cyberspace, which is one reason you might not want to introduce the app to younger students.

To start a game, the app randomly selects categories for you.  You can use points to change the categories if you want.  Some sample categories are: “Things you can’t bring on a plane,” “Things that you hide,” or, “My boss is…”

You then spin for a letter.  Again, you can use points to spin again if you don’t like the letter.  Once your letter is chosen, you must try to name something in each category that begins with that letter.  When finished, you pull down the “Stop” bar.  The ending time is the amount of time your opponent is given to answer the same categories with the same letters.

You can receive no points, half points (if it’s spelled incorrectly), full points, or extra points (if it’s a rare word).  Whoever scores the most points on that group of categories wins the round.  Then your opponent begins play for the next round, sending the categories he or she selected, along with the letter and time limit, to you.

Some people have the strategy to just answer one question and pull the Stop bar down, giving their opponents only a few seconds to try to beat their answer (which you won’t see until after your turn is over).  You don’t know how much time you will have if you are the 2nd person to play that round.

As my daughter predicted, I love the game.  I am absolutely terrible at it, but I keep playing – sometimes just to make my daughter laugh with the horrible answers I enter 🙂

images from Stop screen shots
images from Stop screen shots