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Draw a Stickman Epic

The makers of “Draw a Stickman” have just released a new version, “Draw a Stickman Epic“.  At this time, it is available for iPhone, iPad, and Windows 8.  The Android app is coming soon, according to the developer’s website.  “Epic” comes in the free, trial version, or the paid version ($1.99).  The main difference is the number of levels.  With the free version, you get 3 levels, and the paid version offers 14.  The other difference, I would assume (since I have not purchased the paid version), would be the presence of ads.

Epic” is much more interactive than its predecessors, and demands the use of some problem-solving skills in order for your stickman character, which you will draw, to rescue its stickman friend (which you will also draw).  In order to do this, you must strategically draw fire to destroy obstacles, as well as rain clouds.

Draw a Stickman Epic” would be a good app to use as a reward or in a center for students.  With a projector, it could even be a whole class activity; after a level is completed, the students could write about what happened, and even use it as a story starter for further adventures.

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