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Over a year ago, I posted about the beautiful video, “Nature By Numbers” by Cristobal Vila.  Ever since I discovered that video, I have shown it to my students when we study mathematical masterpieces.  Recently,  I found out that Vila had created another amazing video, “Inspirations”, that explores his admiration for the artist, Escher.  According to Vila, “So I looked into that enormous and inexhaustible source of inspiration that is Escher and tried to imagine how it could be his workplace, what things would surround an artist like him, so deeply interested in science in general and mathematics in particular.”

Again, the students studying mathematical masterpieces would love this video.  I love the idea, too, of thinking about what inspired the person who inspires you.  It would be an interesting project to assign your students to design the room of someone from history, and to scatter carefully chosen artifacts throughout that would speculate on that person’s particular muses.

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Nature By Numbers

This is the week of video posts, so here is your third one – an absolutely stunning video that visually relates how nature and math are absolutely connected.  This video was brought to my attention by a fellow teacher, Shari M., who knew that my gifted students would enjoy it as much as I would.

Nature by Numbers from Cristóbal Vila on Vimeo.

You could: pause this movie after the number pattern to see if your students can identify the pattern, have them research Fibonacci, challenge them to list all of the natural objects represented, ask them to find other items in nature that have connections to this pattern.

The creator of this video has an amazing website that explains the math, shows stills of his work in progress, and more.