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QR Code Riddles

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I came across these QR code riddles for May on The Techie Teacher Blog, and tried them with my gifted 1st graders yesterday.  We had not done any QR code scanning this year, yet, so it was a novel experience for them.  I showed them the riddles first, and had them predict the answers in groups.  Then I put a page at each table, and let them go around and scan the answers.  They loved them, but it was good we “reflected” over them afterwards, as some of the puns needed to be explained.  Thanks, Julie Goode, for providing this fun learning activity for free!

Quotes with QR Codes

QR Code Poster from Tony Vincent's "Learning in Hand" blog
QR Code Poster from Tony Vincent’s “Learning in Hand” blog

I absolutely love this idea from Tony Vincent’s “Learning in Hand” blog.  He has taken a series of quotes, and used QR quotes to cover up parts of the quotes.  If you go to this link, you can see 20 examples.  He also offers a link to a video explaining QR codes.  Tony hangs up the posters for people to take a look at during breaks at workshops, but I could certainly see bringing this idea to the classroom, as well.  What I might do is have my students use Socrative to input their own guesses as to what words would complete the quote, then let them scan the code to see if the general idea is the same.  Here is a link to my Pinterest board that is chock full of inspirational quotations.

Holiday QR Codes

Last year, I posted a few sets of QR codes for the holidays, and I would like to offer them to you again.  For each of these, the user will need to have a device with a QR code reader app.  There are plenty out there that are offered for free.  For the purposes of testing these QR codes this year, I used the “Scan” app on my iPad.  If you are interested in making your own QR sets, Kaywa is one of the free sites I like to use.  QR Hacker allows you to “dress up” (though they use a different term!) your QR codes with colors and background images.

Here are some QR codes that you can use as a countdown calendar for Random Acts of Kindness.  These can be used any time of year, but might be nice around the holidays:

QR Codes Kindness Countdown

QR Codes Kindness Countdown Answers

Here are 6 QR codes that are good classroom coupons.  The first one is just black and white, and could be used any time of the year.  The holiday option is in color (red and green), and has Christmas icons.  These are fun to put in a class treasure box, or to give out to the kids in holiday cards:

QR Codes Classroom Coupons

QR Codes Classroom Coupons Answers

QR Codes Holiday Classroom Coupons (same answers as above)

If you are a parent, you might be interested in these QR codes for home:

QR Codes Home Coupons

QR Codes Home Coupons Answers

This is not holiday related, but you can also download this QR code tic-tac-toe reflection for the end of the year or unit here.  And, if you are really interested in QR codes, you might want to take a look at my post on an interactive bulletin board that I did last year.

Next week, I will be kicking it up a notch with some Aurasma holiday activities!

I Spy a QR Code

image credit: Nina Nichols Peery

I Spy a QR Code is a blog post that includes a Prezi by Nina Nichols Peery.  I promise that I’m not just recommending this because it includes a link to this blog!  The Prezi includes some interesting videos and some unique QR code activities that I think you will like.  Be sure to click on this link for downloads for the accompanying worksheets.  I think you will enjoy seeing new ideas for using QR codes in your classroom to engage the minds of your students!

Black & White and Scanned All Over

Most of the traffic to this blog, lately, seems to be headed for my posts about QR codes.  So, I thought you might enjoy this video I found on the different ways McGuffey School District in Claysville, PA uses QR codes.  I like the title for their project, “Mobile Zebra”!  I also like that they show how QR codes can be utilized even without the use of mobile devices.  PC’s with webcams can be equipped with software, such as Quick-mark.  For other ideas on how to use QR codes, you can choose that category on the right by clicking on the down arrow next to “Category”.

The short link for the video below is:  http://youtu.be/ayW032sKtj8

Students Review Books

Students Review Books is an interesting concept that combines student book reviews with QR codes.  The site accepts reviews from any elementary school student, but has certain parameters for contributing, which are listed here.  Parents must give permission for the reviews to be posted, and a form for this is included on the site.  It would be fun for your students to access this site to view the book reviews, and to make some of their own (even if they are not officially submitted). Another idea is for librarians to use the QR codes provided to place on library books or posters so that students can hear about the books before checking them out.  And, for the advanced students, creating their own book reviews for the site would be a great project.