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May the 4th be With You

May 4th, known by many as “Star Wars Day,” is quickly approaching. Don’t worry if you haven’t prepared because a few Jedi educators have got you covered. One of them is Laura Moore, of the Learn Moore Stuff blog, who has a bit of an affinity for Star Wars as you may deduce from her website design. She has provided May 4th resources for a few years, which you can find here.

Shannon Miller, host of The Library Voice, has some May 4th choice boards with a galaxy of activities to choose from. Amy Cowen of Science Buddies has a list of engaging STEM activities, including light saber paper circuit cards, in her article. Another great roundup can be found on Tech and Learning.

Oh, and you know all of those posts I’ve published about philosophy for kids lately? Turns out quite a few people have their own philosophical interpretations when it comes to Star Wars. There are even some life lessons in The Mandalorian

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Space Fun!

Click here for the full picture!
Click here for the full picture!

I saw the above picture on It’s Okay to Be Smart, and couldn’t help smiling!  I knew I would need to share it on a Fun Friday post, and then a few other space-related resources found their way to my computer – and I had my theme for today!  If you just started back to work in a school, then you are probably in need of a few laughs – although sleep might be higher on your priority list.

The Huffington Post recently published this list of Star Wars quotes – along with philosophical interpretations.  Too bad it’s too late for me to decorate my classroom with a Star Wars theme…

Click here for the rest of this Huffington Post list.
Click here for the rest of this Huffington Post list.

These 3-D Space Cookie Cutters look awesome!

Click here for ordering info.
Click here for ordering info.


And then, Larry Ferlazzo posted the most recent Symphony of Science video – about Black Holes – and my life was complete. (If you haven’t seen their other videos, click here.  My favorites are, “Ode to the Brain” and “We are All Connected.”)

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Ewok Escape

Ewok Escape is one of 12 Design Challenges (7 current ones, and 5 in the archives) offered by Boston’s Museum of Science on their website.  The question posed by this particular challenge is, “CAN YOU DESIGN AND BUILD A BALANCING DEVICE TO HELP AN EWOK ESCAPE THE IMPERIAL FORCES BY SLIDING DOWN A TIGHTROPE TO SAFETY?”  What student wouldn’t want to accept that challenge?  Each of the challenges come with Educator Guides in PDF format, and many of them have additional worksheets, as well.  If your students aren’t Star Wars fans, they can use other figures that pique their interest, or they can try to design a house for an animal or tools to help them survive in case of a shipwreck!