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Fall Fun for Fast Finishers

Fall Fun for Fast Finishers” is a free packet of  20 open-ended task cards from Rachel Lynette at Minds in Bloom.  Her packet is available for free download from Teachers Pay Teachers.  You do have to be a member in order to receive the download, but it is free to register.

I love one of the sample cards that Rachel displays in her blog post, which asks you to pretend you are Autumn (the season) and you are running for president against the other three seasons.  What a creative idea!

On a side note, Teachers Pay Teachers can be a goldmine for lesson ideas.  There are many, many free activities available.  It is well worth registering.

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Valentine Sudoku

UPDATE 1/26/2021 – Here is my up-to-date Wakelet collection of Valentine’s Day resources.

Valentine’s Activities for the SmartBoard, created by SmartBoard Smarty, can be found at Teachers Pay Teachers.  My GT 2nd graders were completely engaged by the Sudoku activity.  Do not be alarmed by the title of the site.  There are many great resources here that are absolutely free.  You do have to register for an account (which is also free) in order to download them, but I have found many quality materials here that make registering well worth my time.  This particular one is in SmartBoard format, but there are also Powerpoints, Word Documents, and PDF files.  While you are visiting Teachers Pay Teachers, you might want to think about starting your own “store” on their site.  Their biggest seller, Deanna Jump, has made over $500,000 by selling her self-designed materials here!