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Record Tripping

Record Tripping is a challenging and enchanting (and FREE) web game that I discovered by looking at the logic portion of the Weebly site called “Mr. Arbizo’s Traveling Class“.  Although the instructions for the game are fairly simple, requiring you to scroll your mouse or hold down the button, this winner of the 14th Annual Webby Awards demands both logic and hand-eye coordination.  Record Tripping is not exactly academic, but it is fun and you must exercise your reasoning skills along with your wrist as you play!

Go on a Family Adventure!

National Geographic has an Education site that is in Beta right now.  Just in time for the summer, you can visit the site to play “Go on a Family Adventure!”  You can choose whether you would like to do a Land or Sea Adventure, which route you would like to take, and the difficulty level.  It’s a great way to practice your geography skills, see how long it typically takes to travel around the map, and to even see photographs of each of your destinations.

Brain Curls

Brain Curls is a website with a multitude of links to games that will give your brain a “workout”.  My favorite game, so far, is “Wordies Time”, in which you must guess a common phrase based on the placement of the words.  “brainFlex” is a good game for practicing your multi-tasking skills.  I’ve always enjoyed figuring out analogies, but “Analogix” is a new challenge for me with the added pressure of time.
Check all of these games out, and more, on Brain Curls.  Thanks to my fellow teacher, Kim Ball, for bringing this site to my attention!

Hedgehog Escape

Hedgehog Escape is a logic game by Learning Mates.  At the moment, it is available on Amazon for $14.85.  The goal is to try to roll the pack of baby hedgehogs out of the hedge to their mother.  The levels increase in difficulty by adding badgers to strategic spots on the board.  This encourages the player to think ahead, and to try to learn from his or her mistakes.  It can be played by one player, but my students like to solve the puzzles in pairs.  Once a child is shown the way the game works, he or she catches on quickly.  My gifted students as young as 6 years old and as old as 11 enjoy this game.

The Synergy Challenge

Although I have not participated in these Synergy challenges before, the e-mail from them in my mailbox the other day intrigued me.  I think that students would be excited by the Winter Challenge, which is to design and produce a game. The deadline is April 1, 2012.  There is no entry fee.  See the website for the rules and a great rubric that you might want to download even if you aren’t planning to enter the contest!

Word Search Creator, Jr.

Word Search Creator, Jr. is one of the many interactives available on ABCya.com.  This particular game allows the user to type in ten words that are eight letters or less.  It then generates one-line horizontal word searches for each word.  This would be a great way to differentiate for those younger students who know their spelling words backwards and forwards, or who might want to do a little independent research and create a list of their own.  This game has a dragon, who guides the user through the steps, including the creation step which allows the student to decide if the activity will be done on the computer or printed out.

While you are visiting Word Search Creator, Jr., check out the other activities available on ABCya.com.  They offer fun, educational games for K-5, and they even have apps for iDevices.