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YummyMath offers 13 Spooky October activities.  One that looks like fun to do with older students (depending on their math prowess, probably 4th-8th grades) is the “Cheap-otle” lesson.  Chipotle is apparently offering to sell $3 “Boo-ritos” to anyone who comes in after 5 PM on 10/31/15 wearing a costume with something unnecessary added.  The proceeds, up to one million dollars, will be donated to a charity.

YummyMath’s Cheap-otle lesson asks students to use math to figure out how likely it will be for Chipotle to reach that $1,000,000 mark.  A printable handout is provided.

The commercial included in the lesson is pretty fun – but definitely not appropriate for elementary students as the “H” word is used.  You can also view some “Unneces-scary” examples here.

from Chipotle’s “Unneces-scary” video

Halloween Sudoku

I have a third grade student who brings a pad of sudoku puzzles out to recess each day. Any time there is a possible treat on the horizon, some of my second graders call out, “Can it be a sudoku puzzle?”

So if, like my students, yours also love these logic puzzles, here is a Halloween Sudoku you could try this week.  It could be fun whole-class on an interactive white board, or as a station.  Be sure to click on the settings gear on the bottom right corner, so you can choose the appropriate level.  Something that I like about this particular site is that, once you finish, you are given another challenge – so it’s not just a one-shot deal.

For more digital activities with an October theme, check out Laura Moore’s amazing Listly that includes some spooky magnetic poetry and more!

Halloween Sudoku

colAR App Pumpkin Page

Augmented Pumpkins with the colAR app
Augmented Pumpkins with the colAR app

UPDATE 10/24/16: This particular page is no longer available, and colAR is now QuiverVision. However, you can still download an augmented reality pumpkin page for free here.

I tweeted about this a couple of days ago (Don’t follow me, yet?  Please do!  @terrieichholz), but I was so excited that I tweeted an uncolored page.  Knowing today would be Phun Phriday, I decided to spend last night making a more presentable page for blog purposes.  I wanted to get a sample from one of my students, but they haven’t had time, what with all of their bumping into walls and doing victory dances this week.

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of entertaining yourself with the colAR app, yet, I strongly urge you to download it right away.  It is available on both mobile platforms for free.  The free version allows you to augment certain coloring pages, and there is an in-app purchase of $2.99 to unlock the rest of the pages.  However, the new pumpkin page is free.  Just make sure, if you already have the app, that you have the most updated version.

colAR allows you to download coloring pages from their website, then scan them with the app to make them “come to life.”  They created a special Dot Day page that I blogged about earlier this year.

If you haven’t used colAR with your students before, I highly recommend you have them color a page first, and then surprise them with the augmented reality version.  If you do it in the reverse order they may, like me, rush through their coloring just to get to the digital fun.

Drew Minock and Brad Waid over at Two Guys and Some iPads have used colAR to inspire creative writing with their students.  Once the students see their pumpkins dancing around, I’m sure the kids could come up with some unique stories!

There are a lot of pumpkins on the sheet, so you might have kids work on the sheets in groups – each coloring their own pumpkin.  For older kids, you could have them design the pumpkins to represent mystery historical characters or different artists and/or art styles.  In a modification of this idea that I just saw on Not Just Child’s Play (which she attributes to Ian Byrd), you could have them decorate the pumpkins from the perspective of different book characters.

I know many of you don’t celebrate Halloween, but be sure to check out some of the other pages offered by colAR.  The novelty will definitely “hook” your students, spark their imaginations, and motivate them to think creatively.

Brad Waid's Augmented Reality Inspired Creative Writing Bulletin Board
Brad Waid’s (1 of the 2 Guys and Some iPads) Augmented Reality Inspired Creative Writing Bulletin Board

Making Art and Artists Come to Life

I can’t believe it’s already Phun Phriday!  This week has flown by!  Despite being super busy,  I managed to collect enough bits and baubles to use in the next ten Phun Phriday posts, so I may be doubling up for the next few weeks!

I saw a tweet about this yesterday, and thought it was such a neat idea for using the Morfo app.  @mrszickartchick shared this YouTube channel of videos her students created where the artists tell you their autobiographies.  It’s a creative way to present that I am definitely going to share with my students.  Even if you don’t plan to use the app, your students would get a kick out of learning about famous artists this way!  Several of the students did their best, even, to use accents and vocabulary that you would hear from each artist, making the videos even more enjoyable.

Screen Shot from Grant G.'s Leonardo da Vinci Morfo presentation
Screen Shot from Grant G.’s Leonardo da Vinci Morfo presentation

And, speaking of artistic impersonations, I wanted to share this, “Famous Works of Art Halloween Costumes“. (Some might be considered inappropriate for young children, so please preview before sharing.)  I really wish I could do this Magritte one this year – but the party I’m attending has a Medieval theme.  Ideas anyone?

image from:  http://flavorwire.com/339132/famous-works-of-art-halloween-costumes/
image from: http://flavorwire.com